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Special name days in early December

Next week, there will be two special name days. On Tuesday December 1st it will be Saint Philaretos’ name day, the patron saint of bee keepers. Philaretos lived in the 8th century and was a poor farmer who helped other people by sharing all his meagre possessions. When there was nothing left to share, he gave them honey from his bee hives. Philaretos’ name day is celebrated with a service in Agia Moni Monastery, when all Kythirian bee keepers will be present.
Agios Nikolaos, the famous patron saint of the sea and fishermen, celebrates his name day on Sunday December 6th. On Kythira there are several churches dedicated to Nikolaos but the one of Agios Nikolaos tou Krassa (Saint Nicolas of the Wine) is very special. The church dates back to 1619 and has been built on the steep cliffs along the west coast in order to thank the Saint who protected skipper Kasimatis and his load of barrels of wine from shipwreck. The skipper used wine instead of water to make the cement for building the church. The church, at only 30 minute walking distance from Myrtidiotissa Monastery, is open all day long. A visit on December 6th, though, will make your stay on Kythira even more special.
Both services will start around 8.30 am. Afterwards, around 9.30 am, people will stay to chat whilst enjoying a coffee and homemade sweets.

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