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New hiking routes along old trails, pure walking pleasure on Kythira!

From the plateau with panoramic views, we descend into the valley via an old footpath.
It is quiet between the stone walls, through the trees the sunlight falls on the path, a serene peace comes over us. At the ruins of watermills, we see tracks all over from a watery past, lime deposits like lace stick to the walls where in earlier days the water would cascade over.

Sitting on the stone in front of the watermill we imagine how the water swirled from pool to pool, how the light reflected on the water.
Still, the enchantment of this place is very strong, to be connected with the landscape, nature and the local history. The big pink stone, polished by all those footsteps of people who went by on these “monopathi”. They also heard the blackbirds sing, saw the ants crossing the path in columns. Conversations and musings still floating in the air.

This new round walk is a real experience, starting in Mylopotamos in front of the famous restaurant “Platanos”, along the shady watermill valley, through a beautiful cypress forest, over old church paths to the olive groves of Arei village.
In the walking guide “Kythira on foot” from Pyrgos House, 8 new walking routes are included.
Round walks that take you all over Kythira and that will stay with you forever.

The price of the booklet is 17.50 euros, it is available at Pyrgos House and all bookstores on the island.

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