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Dance Holiday Kythira Pyrgos House

Greek Dance Holiday Kythira

Kythira has it all: culture, tradition, nature and a Greek dance holiday!

For the first time and with pride we present our Greek Dance Holiday, May 3rd – 15th 2024. Under the guidance of professional teacher Rena Kragiopoulou, you will learn several traditional Greek dances and during our excursions we will tell you more about the rich Kythirian culture and the island’s beautiful nature.

At the panigiria, the Greek village festivals, you probably experienced how it feels to dance in the same rythm with all the others. The village square is one big swirl of zest of life and lightness and there is a great sense of solidarity.

Traditional dances are important in the Greek culture. Every region or island has its own music and dance, on Kythira it is the Tsirigotikos and the Mesaritikos. At any occasion, whether it is a wedding or the Greek Orthodox Easter celebration, people love to dance.

Have you ever wished you could dance at the panigiria? Or wanted to join the spontaneously dancing Greeks in a restaurant or a square?

Your teacher Rena was born in Greece. For many years she taught Greek dancing in Greece and elsewhere in Europe. This dance holiday is both for beginners and for more advanced Greek dance lovers. Let’s dance!

Please find more information about this Greek dance holiday from this link.

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