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New walking path between Diakofti and Avlemonas

As from this summer it is possible to take a beautiful walk between Diakofti and Avlemonas, around the impressive Agios Giorgos Hill. This walk is the result of an initiative by the Kythera Hiking Team. The path leads you past caves along the coast and offers stunning views of the sloping hills, the rocky coastline, the Dragonera islands and, high on the skyline, the Agios Giorgos churches and Agia Moni Monastery. It is an easy walk of 1.5 hours duration.

In Diakofti the path begins at the wide unpaved road along the coastline in a southerly direction. The path in Avlemonas starts behind the cemetery. We think that the afternoon is the best time of day to do this walk. The slowly fading sunset guarantees a fantastic play of shadows on the hillsides. For the way back, arrange a taxi or walk back along the same path – but do not get taken by surprise by the quickly descending nightfall.

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