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Cave church Agia Pelagia near Feloti Bay

You will find Agia Pelagia Cave Church slightly hidden, located along the impressive rocky coastline near beautiful Feloti Bay (south-west Kythira). The path towards the cave starts to the left of the fisherman’s cottage, just before you descend to the bay.
After only a few 100 metres, the church, with its small bell tower, becomes visible. The door latches are easy to open and inside you walk down the steps into the church – built in the 17th century. The iconostasis is simply designed, decorated with only a few nautical symbols. There is high humidity in the cave because it is close to the sea, so the icons are only brought in for Pelagia’s name day celebration, October 8th.
Inside the cave you hear water dripping into beautiful old ceramic pots. Again, a unique spot on Kythira, to be reached by a 4 km walk from Chora.

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