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Agia Sofia

Unfortunately, this blog text is not available in German.

On September 17th we celebrate Agia Sofia’s Name day. On Kythira, three different caves (Mylopotamos, Agia Pelagia, Kalamos) have the name of Agia Sofia. At the entrance of each cave is a small church, dedicated to the saint.
Sofia devoted her life to the Christian religion. She had three daughters named Faith, Hope and Love. Her daughters were tortured and killed in order to try to turn Sofia away from her religious devotion. After three days of mourning on her daughters’ graves, Sofia died full of grief.
Every year, on September 16th from 7 pm and on September 17th from 9 am, there is a service in the cave near Kalamos. This impressive cave (125 metres deep and 35 metres high) will be lit during the service – a very special experience. If you can’t manage to be there at Sofia’s Name day, join the Kapsali – Kalamos Cave Tour during which you will visit four different caves, including the one of Agia Sofia.

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