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Pyrgos House Shopper

Pyrgos House Shopping Bag

How great is this? One of our regular hiking guests works at Clarijs Covers in the Netherlands. During a walk, he talked enthusiastically about this traditional family business, founded in 1948. Starting out as a saddlery, over the years Claris focused on processing sail cloth and related products, like bicycle bags and tarpaulins.

I was very surprised and honoured when, in October 2021, he brought a personalized Pyrgos House shopping bag, made of sail cloth. Ever since then I have been doing my shopping with our own Pyrgos House bag. Also other people in Potamos were very enthusiastic about this bag. So we decided to order more bags from Clarijs Covers and that’s why yesterday, many boxes with brand new bags were delivered to the office.

If you book your 2022 walking holiday through Pyrgos House, we will give you the indestructible one-and-only Pyrgos House shopping bag on arrival. Or if you want to buy the bag, please visit our office in Potamos. The purchase price (20.00 euros) fully benefits the maintenance of the island’s hiking trails. This way you kill two birds with one stone: and shopping becomes more fun and the hiking options on Kythira are even more extensive.

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