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Path Clearing Pyrgos House

A new walking path between Katsoulianika and Potamos

In our walking guide ‘Kythira on foot’ you will find 32 walking routes. One of the most popular walks is number 12, a relaxed walk from Potamos through three villages, Zaglanikianika, Lianianika and Logothetianika. This year, we made this route even more pleasant by clearing the old footpath between Katsoulianika and Potamos. Walk 12 is now extended with a section through a beautiful green natural area. You will also come to a fourth village, Katsoulianika… In addition to this, which is certainly not unimportant, halfway through the walk you can enjoy a tasty lunch at Karidies taverna (Walnut trees) in Logothetianika.

At the end of route 12, before arriving in Potamos, you will walk along the ‘new’ shady path, crossing the valley which ends at the west coast at Agios Eleftherios Bay. Covered by beautiful trees, the path descends and ascends, steeply at some points, and zigzags through old fields.

Discover for yourself how beautiful and varied this new route from Potamos is. We wish you a lot of walking pleasure!

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